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Dressing Children for Cold Weather

Even in winter, the beaches get cold. But you can beat the cold weather this winter, and Rock A Bye Baby OBX has the tips to help you enjoy these arctic blasts. Today’s tip focuses on dressing children for cold weather.

Layers add cold weather protection

Begin with a thin, natural-fiber onesie or tee shirt

Add crew socks or tights

Next comes loose pants or skirt (go for denim, heavier khakis, or corduroy)

Then add a couple tops (maybe a thermal covered by a Henley or button-down)

Wrap ’em up in an easy-to-dress insulated coat

Choose cold weather mittens that will protect from wind (clip them to the coat sleeves or a shoestring so you don’t lose them)

Lace up the hiking shoes or boots

Top ’em off with scarf and hat (or toboggan)

Everybody does better with layers. Mom and dad know the tricks, but how about dressing your kids for cold weather? You’ll be glad you thought ahead when your kids go from the frosty parking lot to the play area because we all know their little bodies take no time to warm up. Even your infant will get hot before you know it. So, follow this guide for a happy and warm winter, and sending you warm thoughts for spring.